Saturday, June 26, 2010

In a colorful mood

I'm off to Virginia today for a wedding. A friend of Dan's from high school is getting hitched at the Shenandoah Valley Museum and then has the reception at this really nice hotel. I'm really excited. I love weddings!

To save money, I didn't buy a new dress or outfit. Instead I'm just wearing the outfit I wore to promotion (see the last post). It's colorful, cute, and definitely wedding why not??

I am however, spending some money on getting my hair done. I haven't gotten it put in an updo since high school, but I'm excited about it. I just didn't want to worry about doing it tonight. I'll definitely post pictures afterwards.

Last night I got sushi with my roommate (I had gone to Sushi the night before too). It was delicious as always. I wish I could afford to have a sushi chef live with me! It's sooooo good!!
Anyways, I'm meeting Dan and his mom at the mall this morning to help pick out a tie for him for today, before heading to my hair appointment.

Catch ya later!

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