Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Almost there!

Great news!

I had my second re-evaluation yesterday with my physical therapist and it went really well! She said that I did awesome and that my strength in my arm is really good.  She left it up to me to decide what to do next.  So together we decided that I will take the next two weeks off to see how I do without physical therapy.  I'm still expected to do the stretches and workouts on my own here and there.  I'll come back after that to check in with her. 

We both talked about how this may be one of those lifetime injuries...something that I'll have to keep an eye on for the rest of my life, but with exercise and being careful, it should be fine.  She did say that if for some reason the pain does come back even with these exercises, then I should follow up with an orthopedist.  She said that I'm too young and healthy to have anything like this without it being a different kind of problem.

So I'm not done yet, but I'm close!

I am soooo ready to settle this stupid accident!  It will be a year in April and I would love to have it done and over with by then!  We will see.  

I'm trying to remain positive! I have made a lot of progress so I'm hoping for the best! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moving On...literally

I am SO excited that we get to move soon!


I despise every aspect of moving, and I'm pretty sure anyone in their right mind does too.  Packing up sucks, finding a place sucks, paying the security deposit upfront sucks, loading up the car over and over is awful, unpacking is not fun either...UGH!

We just found out (although we figured it was coming) that our landlord is selling the house that we are currently living in and renting.  (and there will be a realtor showing our house while we are living here - ugh, I'm not a fan of that!)

So we need to be in our new place at the end of March/beginning of April.

Which also means that we can't travel during Spring Break like we had originally planned...I'm really bummed about that part! I look forward to travelling then every year! We are still going to plan a Summer vacation in place of this one, so I guess it's ok.

So here's our must have list:
  • Must allow dogs
  • At least 2 bedrooms - would love 3
  • At least 1.5 bathrooms
  • Within Columbia/Surrounding areas such as Elkridge or Ellicott City - maybe Laurel or Olney though to be a shorter commute for Dan.  We're open.
  • Needs to be a safe neighborhood...Duh.
  • Needs to be a condo/house/townhouse - no places where we would be below or above other people. 
Here's our this-would-be-extra-awesome-if-we-had-it list:
  • a basement or extra room for storage and/or workout equipment
  • a backyard for Codden to use
  • a rent amount that is the same that we pay now or relatively close to it
  • a Columbia Asssociation assessed area like we have now, so we can keep our gym membership
  • big closets!
I really hope we can find a place soon...right now it's the finding part that's concerning me, not even the actual moving part.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I love to laugh

Every time I watch this video I laugh so hard! This morning I was in tears I was laughing so hard.  

I just love to laugh.


You're welcome. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's here!

My spice organizer is here! It's AWESOME! I immediately labeled it and put in all of my spices! Sweet! Or do I mean...Spicy?!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Early Morning Gym Workout

So I've decided to try and embrace early morning workouts, because my week nights are so packed as it is, and I simply don't have the energy to work out then.  

I treasure my morning sleep, but if I can get my workout done before even starting my day, I would feel much better about it instead of trying to force myself to go after a long day at school.

So on Wednesday night I got my bags packed with my shower stuff, my iphone arm case and headphones, my hair straightener and brush, deodorant, makeup, clothes for work, and a magazine to read if I end up on the bike.   

On Thursday morning, I woke up around 5 or so and kept making new alarms.  I finally got up around 5:40 and was at the gym around 6am.  I had a really good workout for about 45 minutes.  I showered and then when I went to get dressed I discovered that I missed something...


I forgot to pack a bra for my work day! 

I might have been able to pull off a bra-free day at work if I still had my high school body (I was an A or B in cup size) but NOT these days!  I am a D or DD and to top it off the sweater I chose for that day was paper thin! Oooohh and by the way, I work with fifth graders! Yeah, that's not going to fly at all! 

Luckily, I was working out at the gym right by my house, so I went back home and got one before going to to work.  

I had to leave the gym with my arms crossed over my chest, ha! 

Despite my lack of bra, I really do think I could do this a couple times a week.  I'm still not a fan of waking up early, but I loved having more energy during the day and also getting a good workout in right away.

Some things I need to remember for next time: 

  • Bring perfume
  • Bring old flip flops for the shower 
  • Bring combination lock so I can use a big locker instead of the small one with the key
  • Bring a plastic bag to keep my workout shoes in within my bag

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm an organizational nerd!

Here's what gets me excited - organization, saving space, making everything in my house accessible and easy to put away/clean.

So most people who get a Target gift card probably envision spending it on their cute clothes, or makeup, or dvds or something like that. Not me!  

This is what I've gotten that I'm SUPER excited about:

This is called the "Super Spice Stack 27-bottle Organizer."  It comes with pre-made spice labels to put on the ends of the shelves inside of it, as well as blank labels to make your own! SCORE! When I get it, I'll post a before and after so you can see just how much my cabinet needs this help! I am STOKED about this! Woo!
Isn't it AWESOME?!
I also got a tension rod for our under the sink cabinet to organize the numerous spray bottles and keep them off the floor (remind me to tell you later about our garbage disposal mess - ugh!)
Not my cabinet - but this is what I would use the rod for!
I also got a lot of OXO clear containers for Christmas (yes, I totally asked for them) with buttons on the tops that keep an airtight seal to keep the food fresh for longer!  I've already put them into use, and they look SO much better than having all of those cardboard boxes and bags of chips clogging up our pantry shelves! Right now I have a large one with cereal (it holds two boxes of cereal), one with cheez-its, two large ones with two different flavors of chips, and a tall one that holds 5 boxes of spaghetti! It's fantastic! 
OXO Containers

I hope everyone had a great holiday!