Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Wedding Report....better late than never!

Last weekend we went to a wedding of a friend from high school. I wore my promotion outfit as I planned, and helped Dan find a really nice green tie to match! We had a BLAST! It was gorgeous! It ended up being a garden ceremony, followed by a very classy (and probably really expensive) reception at the George Washington Hotel in Wincester, VA. I loved it! Although I did not enjoy experiencing my first wine hangover the next morning...that was not so fun!

I have more pictures to put up later, they just haven't been downloaded yet. I ended up getting my hair done. She put my hair in curls, and then pulled it back into a messy yet classy bun. It was gorgeous and it lasted from 11:30am-12 midnight! All day! Woo!

This past week has been crazy! Week one of summer school is done, and I get to celebrate with a three day weekend thanks to July 4th! Which by the way, when did it turn July already?! I feel like it should still be May or June!

I'm off to the pool, so I need to go, but I will post later!
Have a great 4th of July!!


Daniel (Author) said...

We look REALLY good together. Thats a sweet hawaiian shirt in the background.

Hope you have a wonderiffic weekend.

breedwoman said...

ya'll look hot!