Monday, June 21, 2010


I've been a bit MIA lately, only because wrapping up the last days of school is taking a lot out of me!! So much to do until the 23rd!

So here's what's been going on, in a completely ridiculous random order:

No sleep!- With the exception of this weekend in VA Beach, I have had the WORST sleep ever! All last week and last night I have not been able to sleep at ALL. Last night/this morning I was up before my alarms went off! I literally toss and turn the entire night. It's awful!! One night last week I had taken 2 excedrin pm pills, and it knocked me out so much that I didn't get up until 7:30am which is the time I usually leave the house! OY. I think tonight I'll just take one pill, and set 4 extra alarms. Wish me luck!

Moving along in the right direction- My school psychologist was nice enough to help me filter through the list of hundreds of therapists in this area who take my insurance. I'm down to two names. Next move: Call and make an appointment! :)

Yoga- Dawn and I went to Yoga last Thursday. We were actually supposed to go the Thursday before that, but we got our dates mixed up. Ah well. It was FANTASTIC. It was such a great workout and so relaxing! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me too, I've been so stressed out lately with school. Beth we missed you!

Beach Weekend- I went to VA Beach this weekend to visit Dan. We had a great time! I took Friday off so I left early Friday morning and got there around 2:30pm or so. I took a nap and just a little after I woke up, Dan got home from work. We went and had a yummy dinner at PF Changs and had a fun walk on the beach afterwards. :) On Saturday, we went to an all day art festival that was on the boardwalk. We saw some really bizarre and interesting art. The festival stretched for 20 blocks or so!! IT WAS HUGE! We had some expensive, but tasty vendor food...mmm cheesesteak. A friend of Dan's was staying in VA beach at a really nice hotel for a judge's conference, and didn't need his room for the last night so let us have it! It was awesome! It was a suite and had a flat screen! The hotel was right on the beach and had a really nice pool. After the art show, we went back to the hotel and stayed at the pool for a while. We went home and then went out to dinner at a cute italian restaurant. On Sunday, we did a little shopping (hellllooo new wedges!), had some delicious bagels at Beach Bagels, and took a nap for an hour and a half! I left VA Beach around 6ish or so and got home around 10:30pm. It was a great weekend!!

School Clean-Up- From 12:30pm until 6:30pm I was in my classroom....I cleaned, organized, recycled, tossed, dusted, wiped, filed, sorted, etc. etc.....oy! I still have a lot to do!

An hour of Me-Time- After working so hard today, I took some time out for me and went to get a pedicure. Now my toes look super cute and pretty for the promotion tomorrow andddd for the wedding this upcoming weekend! :) Sweet! Plus the lady must have sensed how stressed I was, because she spent a lot of extra time massaging my feet and legs....maaann I needed that!

Tomorrow night, June 22nd, is our 5th grade promotion (Dan says, "They're getting a raise?")

Promotion is their graduation from 5th grade. It's tomorrow from 4-6pm. I should be writing my "speech" or what I plan on saying about all of my students tomorrow during the ceremony, but instead I am writing a blog post and procrastinatin.

Anyways, here's my outfit...
I found the dress at the mall last year and have only worn it once since I bought it. The shoes are new from this past weekend at VA beach (on sale from $49.00...for $20!!) Gotta love some brightly colored wedges in the summer!! :) And I LOVE how it matches my dress perfectly!

Anyways, I really need to go figure out what to say about my students. This is SO going to make me cry. They drive me nuts, but I don't want them to go!!

Have a great week! :)

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Daniel (Author) said...

Had a great weekend with you. Good luck getting your raise tomorrow