Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guess what tomorrow is?!

First day of school with my new class!

Just like every year, I have mixed feelings.  Relief to have a "normal" schedule again, sadness that the Summer weather is over and my chance to take mid-day naps, excitement for Fall flavored drinks like my precious pumpkin spice latte, and overall being overwhelmed with knowing how busy I'm about to become again.

Thankfully this Summer has given me a lot of time to get a TON of wedding stuff done so I don't have a lot of crazy stuff to do this Fall for it.  So that's good.

Things that I have left to do in the next couple months:

  • Find/Set-up hotel block and set-up shuttle bus 
  • Edit/piece together the ceremony readings and passages with Dan and pastor Ken
  • Play around with wine bottles to see what I like for the centerpieces
  • Figure out the whole centerpiece look
  • Send out save the dates after choosing which engagement photo I want to use for it (the photos are this upcoming Saturday!)
  • Figure out if we are doing a rehearsal dinner...and if so, how/what we are doing for it
  • Go to the tasting party in November to make decisions about our menu
  • Finish the BBB registry
  • Buy jewelry for wedding (I just chose it today!)

Anywho... have a good night! Wish me luck with the kiddos tomorrow! :)

*Shout out to the ladies who have helped me a lot lately with wedding stuff! You know who you are! :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I got the dress!

Just ordered my dress! YAY!

So they told the dressmaker my height so that it can come perfectly for my size! Since I'm wearing flats, the hope is that we won't have to alter much at all except for the bustle! 


I also just officially booked my hair and make-up girl! (and just in time too, because she had another inquiry about my date!)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So Dan and I are going to get all DIY up in here! Woo!

I found this great tutorial on how to cut a glass bottle cleanly and without a saw! Boom! Safe and easy!

This is the tutorial:
This is the glass scoring tool I bought on Amazon for $19: 

This is why we want to cut wine bottles...

So I want to try it with a clear bottle and also a black/really dark one and see which one I like better.  Since my colors are gray and purple and the table clothes will be gray, I'm thinking it might look cool to  get a purple candle to go inside of a clear bottle.  We are going to do some testers so we shall see! :)

I'm excited! My ideas for the centerpieces are finally coming together.

I had a meeting with the venue event planner today and it went really well.  She seemed surprised (and a tad bit judge-y) at some of my answers regarding traditions that everyone does that we're not (i.e. garter toss, place cards, and cutting the cake).  Oh well, lady! It's my wedding! I'll do what I want!

So here are major to-do list items we have crossed off recently:
  • Find an officiant - We found a WONDERFUL one! We love him!! BONUS: He's an elementary band director! This is great because Dan and I met in band! It's fate!
  • Create a wedding website - Done! (I won't publish until we finish both registries).
  • Finish Honeyfund registry - Done!
  • Find dress - I GOT MY DRESS!! Wooohooo!! It's perfect and I didn't want to take it off! Yay!
Next to-do items:
  • Finish BBB registry - we are purposely keeping this small to encourage people to go to the honeyfund registry instead.  We have been living together for two years and we really don't want more house items.  We would rather have an amazing trip together!
  • Get hotel block and talk to hotel about room for me, bridesmaids and bridesman to get ready in.
  • Take Engagement Photos - We are doing this in the next two or three weeks in Ellicott City. 
  • Send out Save the Dates.
  • Start DIY projects - wine bottles and chalkboards.
  • Talk with a travel agent about honeymoon/shop around for deals
School started this week for staff.  Students come back next week.  I'm glad that I have the major vendor decisions taken care of for the wedding since I won't have a lot of extra time to do that during the school year.

:) Peace out!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I lost an inch in my waist and a half inch on each thigh!! Woohoo!!

I've been working really hard with my personal trainer and on my own and I'm actually seeing some results! Hallelujah!