Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend of Craziness

Friday: I went to Greene Turtle around 9:30 or so to see Katie R. for her birthday. I was suprised to find Andy Yee there! We talked the whole time and it was really great to catch up with him. Jen was there also. :) My roomies came out to Greene Turtle right around the time Katie's party of people left. I stayed with them until last call at 1am! Crazy!

I came home Friday night and found that a TON of small nasty gnats and baby moths had flown through my window screen (the window was open because I wanted there to be air flow in my room) and all over my room!! Note to reader: I HATE bugs. I can't stand them, and even just seeing one before bed will give me nightmares for the week. Not even kidding. My roommates had stopped to get McD's while I drove home seperately. Until they came home, I had been standing on my desk, chair, bed, and anything I could to be able to reach the nasty bugs and squash them with a clorox wipe! (no fly swatters here) I was literally killing bugs for almost an HOUR! Ewwww. Not surprisingly, I did not sleep very well that night.

Saturday: Woke up early at 8pm, probably because I was afraid there were nasty bugs around my head and bed. Had some breakfast and chatted with the roomies, a roomie's bf, and best friend (they're here for her bday weekend). Went back to bed at 10am and took an awesome nap until 12pm. I had a delicious lunch with Dawn at the mall (a ceasar salad with avocado and juice) and then went to H&M with her to find a new shirt. I found a really cute purple plaid tank top. :) I also tried on some dresses in hopes to find one for the upcoming weddings that Dan and I are going to, but apparently I'm too boobalicious for them!

I don't know if it was the bra I was wearing or what, but DAYYUUM.

tig ol bitties or what?!

Too much boobage for me!

Darrnnniittt and I realllyyyyy loved that blue dress a lot!!

Saturday night: I babysat until 8pm, and then went home and got ready. I picked up Dawn and we headed to Bay Cafe in Canton and met up with my 2 roomies, Reese's best friend, and boyfriend. We had such a great time! I am shocked to hear myself say it, but we closed the place down!! We were there until 1:30am! What am I in college again, or what?! Dawn was hungry and so was I so we headed to Double T while the others (who also included 3 guy friends of J and R) went home. Dawn and I had some yummy food and played a lot of photo hunt games at the touch screen at our table. I came home expecting to tip toe around the house while trying not to wake anyone (because at this point it was around 3:30am) and instead came home to everyone yelling "JESSSSSS IISSS HOOMMEEEE WOOOO!!" Oh dear lord, you people are still awake?!

I stayed downstairs with everyone for a while...long story short (while I guess it's already long, but whatever) I didn't get to bed until 5am! Whattt the heckk....even J said "why are the birds chirping right now?!" ummm because it's MORNING. Ugggh.

Sunday: Breakfast with Dawn and Eggspectations (YUM). Napping. Laziness. Thank goodness.

What a weekend. Well if I wasn't sure before, I certainly am now....I am not made out for this going-out-until-really-late-all-the-time thing anymore! I need my precious sleep!

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breedwoman said...

Um i think the dress is hot and you should wear it to the wedding... if you're REALLY that uncomfortable with the ladies being front and center (even though i'm sure Dan would be okay with it) throw a cami under it!