Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Crazed?

So, I have recently realized just how curious and intrigued I am by weddings. (don't get all "oooohh you sooo can't wait to get married right now, you're obsessed" on me...not the case!) I think it's been on the brain so much lately though because I have had a lot of friends from high school get married, and I'm attending 3 weddings this year. One of my best friends just engaged too, so it's definitely all around me!

Anyways, I think what I love about it the most....the dorkiest part of course....scheduling, organizing, and working with meticulous details!! That is my realm right there! I love doing stuff like that! So I get a kick out of seeing how others do it, and how they put all those details and plans together. What gets me, is that it's a year + of planning for just a few hours on the big day. Not to say that those aren't some of the most important hours of your life, but it just seems kinda crazy to me!

So when I say I'm crazed, let me explain...whenever I see an engagement ring or wedding band on anyone even if it's a stranger, I can't help but smile and try to imagine what kind of wedding they had. Ohhh yea, and rings have all these crazy details too!

I wonder if I like working with small details and organizing because it's refreshing to know that there are always infinite choices in life?

...too deep?

(ha that's what she said! lol...annnddd I just ruined that deep thought!)

In other news, it's raining all day today, and it just so happens to be the 5th grade picnic today. Of course! All of our field trips have been rained on with the exception of one that was inside anyways. Figures!
Have a great Wednesday!

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