Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Urks Me

Toilet paper rolls that don’t let it roll…instead it rocks back and forth, so you can only get a square at a time.

Noises that are repeated over and over again while something else is going on…for instance a pencil tapping on a desk repeatedly as the kids are taking a test (it drives me nuts!). Or last night at the movies, someone had a book and was fanning it towards her face so the flapping of the book made this sound over and over again during the movie.

Bad manners in general. ESPECAILLY when eating food. When you let a person in or let them pass you while driving, and they don’t give the completely necessary thank you wave.

When you’re watching a tv show or movie that you’re in to and someone comes up to you and has a whole conversation with you even when you’re trying to give them the clue that you reallllyyy want to watch this (like pausing it on DVR every time they speak, or looking back at the tv every couple seconds). Can you please wait for a commercial? I never get TV time!

I talked about how I don’t like things being left open…closets, cabinets, etc. Well, let me elaborate…I’ve tried to let it go, but just can’t! For instance, if I see that my dresser drawer is open and part of a shirt is sticking out as I’m walking out the door I will try to go downstairs to continue on my way, but more often than not I will stop mid-stairs and come back up just to fix it, because that’s all I thought about after I saw it. Yep, I’m that crazy. So the annoying part...the feeling that I HAVE to fix it.

What "urks" or annoys you??


Anonymous said...

sister dear... i think you have the beginnings of OCD... what/how you describe is me on a good day.... when I have it all in check and only slightly bothers me... like the shirt sticking out of the drawer on your way out the door... you trying to ignore it and end up having to turn around just so you can fix it... the noises that don't fit the situation... the conversations at absolutely socially unacceptable times... yup.... we are definitely related.

Jess said...

Oh I am fully aware of my OCD tendencies. I was being modest by typing this list. I could go on for pages! Of course we're related!

Anonymous said...

When people say to you, "Do you feel okay? Are you tired?" when you feel just fine. Even if you DON'T feel fine, thanks for calling me out!

Jess said...

Haha I totally agree Beth!! I HATE that. The last thing you want to hear is that you look do you respond to that anyways? "Umm, thanks?!"