Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

It's strange...

Sometimes I feel like I want time to just go by so much faster than it is so that I can get to the future.

Other times I feel like I want time to slow down so that I have more time to get more accomplished, spend more time with loved ones, etc.

It's weird to feel stuck in the middle of the two. Some days feel like they have rushed by so fast, and it feels great because then I can get to bed sooner...but then other days, it's disappointing that it went by so fast.

Do you ever feel like that?

I try my best to keep myself grounded, but it's hard not thinking about how cool it would be to control the time around me, even if by just a little bit.

Ironically, tomorrow is New Year's Eve. And fitting with this post, it feels like 2010 not only dragged on, but it also flew by. I guess it can never just be the one, but instead both. I suppose it's better that way though.

Happy New Year's everyone.

See you in 2011.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!

So Christmas was a lot of fun with both of our families this year. Lots of good food, great presents, and family time. We haven't exchanged with Dan's brother's family yet because they were in NC, but will soon. :)

In other news, my Winter Break started on a rocky note, when I found out I was a victim of credit card fraud. No small cost's currently up to $740.10. I filed a police report and at first they thought the cashier from Target may have taken my number from the swiper (which I was secretly hoping was false, because then my obsess...I mean uh, relationship with Target would drastically change for the worst). But after the officer checked into it more, we found out that that is not possible (my love for Target is completely restored!!). We also found out that all of the charges are from California. I guess a hacker may have gotten it from me when I ordered something online recently. Who knows.

Well what made this whole situation even more irritating, was that my bank said it would take up to 2 weeks to get back my cards. OH YEAH...and that's another thing. I only have two cards. A debit card and a credit card, both under the same institution. So since they're supposedly connected, they both had to be blocked. GREAT. Well they told me that I can expedite the cards, for ONLY $15.00 per card. Um, excuse me?! I have to pay money to get my cards sooner, when this whole mess wasn't my fault?! AGGH!

So I ended up expediting one of the cards. Turns out Fed Ex is the one who delivers it, but only with a signature. I was not aware of this. So this morning on my door, was a Fed Ex sticker saying that I had to go pick up my order sometime after 2 pm. Ok, fine. No big deal, right? Nope. The catch: It's in Linthicum. Great. We got SUPER lost in the icky part of Baltimore for a good half hour trying to find this stupid place. Then, when we got there we had to wait a while because the package was on the other end of the building so it took a while for the person to get it.

AHHHH what a mess. Oh, and I am still waiting to file a claim for the money, because I can't until ALL of the charges have gone through. Still waiting on one charge. Once that goes through, I'll be in the bank filling out the paperwork for it. Hopefully they will put the money back in ASAP. We shall see.


Went shopping with Dan and his mom today. I was really good! I only bought one shirt, which I'm really excited about, from Old Navy.

Don't you love how feminine and pretty it is? I love it! It may just be part of my New Year's outfit, but we shall see. Dan and I are going to Maggiano's for a nice dinner (which is why I'm not sure about the white shirt at a pasta place) and then stopping by his brother's later on for the countdown.

I'm trying to get rid of a cold. I've been taking these Zicam rapid melts and trying to drink lots of fluids. Wish me luck!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 days to go!

Two more days to go until Winter Break. Thank goodness! I am soooo ready to have a break to relax and just breathe for a minute. I plan on drinking more hot tea, sleeping more, and just taking time for myself. I hope to workout a lot too, which will be easy with Dan home. He always wants to work out. :)

So despite how tired and ready for break I have been lately, I'm still really enjoying my class this year. I think that since it's my 2nd year now and I know what's going on, I have more of a chance to really enjoy my students and laugh more than I did last year. It's nice. When I'm away from them, I honestly miss them! (I missed the kids last year too, of course).

So in other news, our pension system which is already pretty suck-tastic, is getting worse! Grrrreaatt. Seriously, this is not making me want to stay with teaching for very long! The pay already sucks, and now they're making our pension even worse?! WTF.

It really makes me think that one day I will consider switching fields. If possible, I'd love to stay within education somehow, mostly because I just love it so much and it's always been a part of me. But honestly, I don't know how it'll work. I know that I will at least stay in for five years so that I'm vested and get the money that was put in for my pension. Apparently if I leave before then, I don't get all of it.

So what field? I have always seen myself doing something that's related to admin or office kind-of work. I love scheduling, planning, paying attention to details, and staying organized. I think I would rock an assistant job or administrative office job. Well, maybe one day later on.

Anywho, time for bed.

Peace out!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Needed a change

Like the layout and design?

I needed something new, and found this super cute background. :) It's so happy and colorful. Exactly what I need right now!


Sooo not here

I love my job. I love my class. I (for the most part) love my co-workers.

And yet I do NOT want to be at work this week. At all. I am literally counting down the minutes until Winter Break. I need this break so bad, I can just taste it! I am exhausted, on the verge of getting a cold, and just need a chance to relax!

I have no energy to do anything. For lunch today I barely ate a yogurt and that was it! I had no appetite at all and literally just wanted to crawl in bed instead of be with my kids.

I feel like I'm just not here this week...I am here physically, and I'm doing the work that needs to get done...but mentally, I am somewhere else. Where, you ask? Probably on the fabulous vacay that Dan and I are planning.
Dan started helping me, and he's waaaaay better at planning this vacation than I am! He found several deals with Orbitz for flight+hotel vacations that fit right within our budget! Our current front runners: Virgin Islands and Cabo.

Our plan is to have something booked by the end of December. I. Can't. Wait. SOOOOOOOO excited. It'll be so great going on a vacation with just the two of us to do nothing but relax and just enjoy the warm weather together. All of this nasty weather right now will be the farthest thing from our minds, and it will be glorious.

I will leave on that high note, and say goodnight. :) 3 more days to go!

Planning a Vacation is Hard!

Trying to plan our vacay in April has been such a pain! The cruise prices went way up in a matter of 2 months and so have flight tickets. We have saved a lot for this, but we are not trying to spend a fortune on a week vacation!

Looks like we may end up just flying to one place, staying there the whole time, and then flying back. Which is fine by me.

My only guidelines:
  1. Must include beaches
  2. Has to be somewhere neither of us have been
  3. Has to be within our budget
  4. Doesn't include a crazy long flight

Wish us luck!

Have a great 4 day week! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

You know it must be Winter when...

...two of your items in your Target cart are snow boots and de-icer!

Ugh, I hate the cold!!

10 more days until Winter Break...
8 more School days until Winter Break...
10 more starbucks drinks and doses of excedrin needed before Winter Break...
10 more naps needed before Winter Break...
Ugh! I love the people in Maryland, but I am not a fan of the weather!