Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Too Many Doctors

Ok so I have been a bit MIA lately because I've been having some pretty serious health issues. I would rather not go into it here, but basically I've had some nasty complications and side effects from being on a medicine called Accutane for three months. I had to stop taking it a few days ago, and now I have to go to a specialty doctor tomorrow to see just how bad these complications are. I'll be honest, I'm kind-of freaking out about it. I'm worried that it will be something long-term or something that will be with me forever. I'm trying to think positive, but when it's a side effect that affects you all day every day, it's impossible to ignore.

Why is this post titled too many doctors? I had an appointment with my primary doctor (a new one, she's fantastic!) on Monday, got blood taken the same day at LabCorp, had to call and talk to my dermatologist about cancelling my original appointment with him this Friday since I can't take Accutane right now, and now I'm going to see a whole other kind of specialist tomorrow. Ugh. Too much.

Trying to be positive here...Well, I'm looking forward to this weekend....nothing much planned so far which is nice. I'm hoping to get some sleep and to go outside if I can, since it should be sunny. :)

Wish me luck tomorrow. I am so not happy about going!

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