Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awesome Weekend, Crazy Week Ahead

This weekend was a lot of fun, and I'm so glad it was because this week is going to be a crazy one.

Friday: Hung out with Beth, Dawn, and Jeremy. Had Chipotle for dinner (Mmm) and watched Iron Man (the first one). What a great movie!

Saturday: Ran errands. Grocery Shopping and Laundry. Babysat for a few hours. Went home, spent a long time getting ready (sometimes I just love doing that!) and then drove over and picked up Dawn. We met MK in Canton at Canton Square. We stayed out late dancing, talking, and laughing! It was so nice to do that! In college we did it all the time, and I didn't realize how much I missed it. I hope we do that more often from now on. :) Came home late and stayed up an extra hour watching an episode of Private Practice that I had on DVR.

Sunday: Mother's Day. Went to my parent's house and helped prepare some food. Chatted with two of my cousins and my aunt. My grandparents (Mom's side) came over a little later and I spent some time with them too. Then I went home around 5 and took a nap for an hour and a was glorious! After waking up, I made a healthy snack (organic strawberries and blueberries with one 100 calorie pack of cheese cubes) and watched a silly Fox Family movie called "Beauty and the Briefcase" with Hilary Duff. Cute movie. It's weird seeing a Disney star talk about sex in movies though. I still think of her as a child star.

And here I am. I should be in bed, but I guess my nap from earlier gave me some unexpected energy.

Tomorrow I am consuming nothing other than clear liquids all day to prepare for my exam on Tuesday. Needless to say, I am not exaclty thrilled about it.

What this week looks like:

Monday: All clear liquid diet. Prepare sub plans for Tuesday. Walk with Nancy after school. Take gross pills at 5pm.

Tuesday: No school for me. Wake up at 5am to take more gross pills. Go to doctor's at 10:30am, have the exam at 11am, be back at home around 2ish. Sleep the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Middle school visit with the kids from 9:45-11:45am. Crazy day following with lots to do with SCH. Walk with Nancy afterschool.

Thursday: Another middle school visit. Enrichment fair after school. Get sub plans ready for Friday. Pack for Blacksburg.

Friday: Drive to Blacksburg fairly early in the morning. Hang out with B'Loves all day. Graduation # 1 at 7ish. Stay the night.

Saturday: Graduation #2 in the morning. Stay the night.

Sunday: Drive home to work on school work, plan for the next week, grade, and recooperate.

Note to self:
Get LOTS of sleep otherwise face possible insanity.

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