Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Ideas

So my birthday isn't for another 5 months but since it's the big 25 I'm trying to think of something fantastic to do.

Last year, I had a low key kind-of night. We went to one of my favorite restaurants in Little Italy in Baltimore and then went back to Docco's to hang out for a bit.

<--The year before that I had a themed party at Beth's house. The theme was highschool cliches and it was a potluck dinner with boardgames afterwards. (Dan is going to LOVE that I'm posting this picture! lol)

So this year, I want to go good friends, acquaintances, some family, work friends...everyone! Ideally, I'd like to rent a separate space that has a bar of its own and where only my party can talk, drink and hang out. I wouldn't worry about food much, but maybe have some munchies there. I have NO idea where to go though or where to look. I know of a place in Fed. Hill that could work but I'd rather do this somewhere where there's more parking and accessible for everyone!
Any ideas of where to go or look?

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breedwoman said...

no ideas but i better get an invite this year!