Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's only Tuesday?!

I am sooo exhausted! After school today I stayed after and helped set up for tomorrow. Then Mk, Andrea and I went to Red Robin for dinner (delicious!). Then we came back to go to the Chorus concert. I didn't even leave school today until 7:45pm! Goodness!
Tomorrow is our Simulated Congressional Hearings. We have been working on it for a month and I am so excited it's finally here. The kids have worked so hard on their speeches and have been studying up on their follow-up questions, so I hope everything goes well. We have senator Jim Robey coming, as well as some real judges from the community and other important people coming to judge the speeches and questions. I know the kids are excited.
To be honest, I'm just excited to get it over with! I am all SCH-ed out!
I'm supposed to go to the Orioles game tomorrow evening with the roomies, so that should be a fun way to celebrate SCH being over! :)
I need to go iron and get my outfit ready for tomorrow.
Peace out!

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