Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fed. Hill Adventures and Lipgloss Tragedies

I actually went out this weekend!

Dawn and I went out to Fed. Hill last night and met up with Andrea and some her friends. We unknowingly walked into their bar crawl. They had all of the names of the Fed. Hill bars on small pieces of paper and would pull one to decide where to go next. The rule was to get a drink at each place. We didn't even leave Columbia until 10ish, and by the time we found parking it was close to 11pm, so we didn't drink very much. We went to four or five different bars. I definitely liked Grumpies a lot and I liked Mad River also. Some of the bars there were so insanely crowded, it just made me want to leave immediately. I guess that's the difference between being 21 and almost 25 now...being in a crowded area matters more to me. It gets on my nerves!

So I'm actually going out tonight too, only this time with my roommates. We're going to Fed. Hill also (deja vu?) but to some different bars. It's already 10:50 right now, so we'll see how long we will last. I'm excited to just get out of the house, honestly. Besides a lunch date with Dawn earlier, I've pretty much been inside all day lounging around. It was soooo boring. So I'm glad to just be doing something.

In other news, my favorite lip gloss (in "honey do") went through my load of laundry today in the wash!! I was so upset, and more so about the loss of lipgloss than the soiling of my clothes! I just washed them again, and it was fine...but now I'm short a fabulous lipgloss! I may have to buy it again asap.

I could spend all day listing what has gone through the Strunk household wash since I was younger: crayons, notebook paper, licenses, id cards, coins, lipstick, lipgloss, pens, pencils, markers, eyeliner...the list goes on!

Have you ever had anything go through the wash that shouldn't have?


Daniel (Author) said...

Oh no! Not the lip gloss! ;)

I had a blue pen explode in the dryer. Thank goodness for magic eraser

breedwoman said...

Chris for the longest time would always put our blue kitchen rug in the washer with my white shirts! Why? He figured if it was cold they were safe... I get doing it once but 3-4 times!!!

Hey if you're ever board call me! Normally on Saturdays I'm alone with K. We have Swim class at 1030 (you're always invited) and then we'll do errands or clean or whatever!

Jess said...

Thanks Erin, I'll keep that in mind! :)