Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm crazy and I know it

Little things that REALLY bug me:
1. When my eyes won’t stop watering from yawning in the morning right after I just put on my eye makeup.
2. When you’re and your are interchanged in writing.
3. If something is left open…(anything) like the closet doors, a dresser drawer, the pantry, the refrigerator, a cabinet, a laptop, a pen cap that’s not back on the pen, etc.
4. When nail polish chips the day of or day after putting it on.
5. When adults won’t stop arguing and strive to get the last word…just like my fifth graders do.
6. When people make any and every conversation come back to them and their life while refusing to listen to yours.
7. Constant tapping, banging, bell ringing…any small noise that is repeated over and over again…I…can’t…handle…it!! I am soo easily over-stimulated by sensory things like that! I have students who will just tap their pencil on their desk when they’re thinking…I have to stop instruction IMMEADIATELY to have it stop because otherwise my head will explode.

And just so that I can be positive, little things that I love:
1. Forehead kisses from boyfriends.
2. Having a cold delicious glass of juice after a hard day at work.
3. Making my students laugh.
4. When my students make me laugh even when they drive me crazy most of the time.
5. Frozen Grapes.
6. A glass of wine with a good friend.
7. An evening walk when it’s still kind-of light outside and just a little cool out.

And just to be clear, nothing major has happened lately to spark these lists, I was just thinking about pet peeves, and thought I’d make a list….which reminds me…

Add to the positive list: 8. Making Lists.


Daniel (Author) said...

I happen to love providing you with forehead kisses. And wining with you. And walking with you. And grapes. Only 10 days til I see you.

Daniel (Author) said...

P.S.... how many boyfriend(s) do you have?! (#1 above)

Anonymous said...

Now I can say it - I have to follow Dan's sweet comments???

First of all, on the crazy list: #3 drives me crazy, and both J and my mom do it ALL THE TIME. I'm like, really? Is it so hard to close that?
#5....... I think R and I are guilty of this?
#7 - Overstimulation is my middle name, and not in a good way.

Ha and I love Dan's comment about the multiple boyfriends. So cute. Soon you can change it to "Forehead kisses from my fiance", singular.

breedwoman said...

oh lord, you can Chris would have a field day with me! I have issues with mess/closing things, etc. TERRIBLE!

ps. you're cute! hugs!

Rocco said...

Dag B, why you gotta call me out like that.

And J, by "juice" in #2 of your Likes list you mean "vodka", right?

Jess said...

Nope, I mean juice....grape, lemonade, apple, etc :) :-p

Jess said...

And I said "boyfriends" just meaning that it's cute when anyone's boyfriend does it to their girlfriend...not just mine for me! so there!