Friday, June 28, 2013

Wedding To-Do Lists

First let's start off with what I have gotten done, so that I won't feel as overwhelmed! I have gotten some things out of the way, which is good.  I'm not anywhere close to being completely planned, but hey! It's a start.


  • Chose bridal party - I have 7 and he has 4; we have a ring bearer and a flower girl.  We are trying to figure out a way to incorporate Codden (our dog) but we're not sure yet.
  • Chose wedding colors - shades of purple and gray
  • Chose venue for reception and ceremony - Overhills Mansion
  • We discussed our budget together (we = Dan and I)
  • Chose our photographer for our engagement photos (My co-worker offered his services for free! Woo!)
  • Started researching and contacting possible vendors for flowers, hair/make-up, and photography
  • Set a maximum guest list number - 100 
  • Set up excel for guest list with contact information
  • Created a Wedding binder
  • Started looking at wedding dresses online to get an idea
  • Started thinking about what the reception decor would look like
  • Researched some bakeries in the area for cupcakes
I would like to get these things done within the next couple weeks:
  • Finalize the guest list with Dan
  • Finish adding the contact information to the guest list in excel
  • Meet with a possible florist about pricing
  • Find some more possible photographers and set a budget for photography
  • Finalize the centerpiece design
  • Finalize who is doing the cupcakes/put a deposit down
  • Find invitations/save the dates that I like and set a budget for that
In the next month or two:
  • Go wedding dress shopping ... oh god! I am not looking forward to seeing what size I would be right now.  I've been losing weight lately so I should be at least a little smaller by then but we shall see. I know it's weird but as much as I love to be around people I'm a little apprehensive to have a ton of girls/moms with me too.  Call me crazy but I also kind-of want my dress to be a bit of a surprise for everyone.  I don't want it to be passed around via cell phone before the big day so that everyone knows what it looks like. Maybe I can be stealthy and take one or two friends and then just tell everyone else the shape of it? Let them know I want it to be a surprise...?
  • Get color swatches for my bridesmaids so they can keep their eye out for possible dresses in those colors.
I have a lot to do, but I also feel like I'm getting a lot done.  Other than major decisions, Dan is pretty awesome about leaving most of the planning to me.  Because I'm neurotic and need opinions I ask him about everything anyways, but he always says ok to it all anyways.  :) He trusts me.  Not to get too mushy, but the other day he said something along the lines of 'I'm just glad I get you. Everything else doesn't really matter.'  So sweet...and so true! At the end of the day, it's a celebration of deciding to be together forever and having some fun while doing so.

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breedwoman said...

you're doing awesome!!!
And it's your party/day so take or don't take who you want to