Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh boy!

(It would be 2014 for us - which THANK GOODNESS that's the case, because I don't like odd numbers!)

I was trying to get a free trial for something for school the other day and needed to create a new email for it

So, I figured why not? I'm going to have a new last name next year, so why not go ahead and make an email address with the new name?

I know it's so silly, but seeing the new last name in my email address is so exciting!

I made sure to email Dan asking him if it was weird to see my first name and his last name together.  He said he did a double take when he first saw the email.

Although I'm sad to see my last name go, I'm excited for what having a new name means.  It means we will officially be family and that when we have kids one day we will all be connected by name.  It's a merging of our families into one.

Corny, I know.  But so exciting! 



breedwoman said...

and you'll be my technical family now too! Squeeee!

Jess said...

I know!! Yay!! :)