Monday, June 3, 2013

Centerpiece Ideas

So right now I'm playing with centerpiece ideas...

Below is a bunch of pictures that I either love, like parts of, or like the general feel of.

I have always imagined using wine bottles as part of the centerpiece.  But I don't have any use for numbering the tables because I'm not making seating charts.  Everyone will just sit wherever they want to.  I love mason jars with just one or two flowers also.  While looking online, I came across wine bottles with photos of the couple on them! Cute!

I also love the romance of a simple candle.  When Dan and I were in Virginia during our engagement weekend, we found a winelight at the winery.  It's a ceramic part that you put in the top of a wine bottle.  It turns a wine bottle into an oil lamp!  And if you look at the photo below, it comes in lavendar!  (In case I didn't put online yet, my colors are shades of purple and gray).  Yay!   I also love the idea of taking out the bottom of clear wine bottles and then putting it on top of a lit candle.  So pretty! Anyways, that's what is going through my mind right now.



We are going to see venues soon!  Our next step is to find a good credit card that has awesome rewards!


breedwoman said...

i love it! just let me know what color wine bottles to start drinking from and i'll save them for you!

Jess said...

Thanks! Will do!