Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The mother of all insulting comments for a woman to hear...

"Hey Ms. Strunk! You look like you're pregnant!"

Womp, womp, womp.


Ok...one, I was slouching and shouldn't have been so my tummy is pushed out.  Two, this is coming from a six year old.  Three, she doesn't know anything.

But, still!


It's ironic because I had a training with my personal trainer scheduled today anyways! Ha! 

(P.S. I signed up with a personal trainer - one that I used years ago.  And before you get all I-can't-believe-you're-going-all-crazy-for-the-wedding I planned on doing this, this Summer BEFORE I got engaged! So there! I finally have a little bit of money to put towards this so I'm excited to go full out! We are meeting twice a week and she's telling me what to do on days that I don't see her! I am so excited. Today was awesome and I'm sore already but I'm excited for the results that I should get)

Have you ever gotten a comment like that, where it makes you feel awful?! From a kid? I love how brutally honest kids are, but MAN! Gimme a break!

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breedwoman said...

yeah kids can suck... i should know! lol.
Clean eating, it's the way to go! i'm telling ya!