Friday, June 21, 2013

Will you be my...

So thanks to Pinterest, I combined two great ideas into one so that I could creatively ask my girls/guy to be with my on my special day.  So I wrote "I've got the guy by I need my girls" in our wedding colors of gray and purple and printed it out on cardstock.  Then I had a picture of me holding a framed chalkboard asking if they would be my _______.  I had to take three different pictures because I had three different titles.  I have two matrons of honor, one bridesman, and four bridesmaids. Whew! The one where I am standing on the brick was taken by my neighbor!  I ran down the street and asked him to take a picture really quick and we had a mini-photo shoot.  The photo that I ended up choosing, which is below, is the result of him going to his second floor window and looking down on me with the camera.  
Cute! The other two pictures were taken outside at school by my teammate.

This is what it looked like when they got the envelope either in person or in the mail.

And of course I had to change the last one a little to fit for Rocco! :) 

Everyone responded differently, which I love because everyone has very different personalities, so it was very fitting that they all responded in a unique way from each other.
  • I'm pretty sure Erin squealed and said yes before she even finished opening the envelope! 
  • Rocco forgot to message me his answer until I asked him about it, but to be fair he got in between traveling the world :)
  • Katie said she might cry and gave me a big squeeze
  • Beth and Dawn both said "Awww, of course!" right away  
  • Jen called back and said it was the most creative way she's every been asked to be a bridesmaid! (Score!) 
  • My sister Caitee sent a text photo back of her holding a sign responding back to my sign :) 
I'm so glad all of my people can be with me for such an exciting time! :)

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