Monday, July 1, 2013


Ok, so this will be fast but I'm just SO excited!

So I'm trying really hard to meet a HUGE business* incentive for Thirty-One (a $1,300 amex giftcard that I could use for my wedding! Um, hello! That would be a HUGE help!)

Well, I decided to host an online auction with a bunch of items that I don't need anymore for my display.  It was a great success!  With everything sold, I will be getting $178! Woo! So with that, and some cash I had from my party the other day with some display items, I can put it in as my own party which means I'll get the hostess benefits (at least $25 to spend in addition to the $200 I'll have to put towards replacing the display items with newer prints and all)!  AND it'll go towards my goal! BAM!

So here is where I am with my goal...

Between April and August I need to sell $15,000 in sales to get a $1,300 AmEx gift card.  So far, I have earned a $100 best buy gift card.  But I haven't redeemed it yet, because I'd rather wait until AmEx.  I am about $600 in sales away from earning the second incentive which would be a $500 best buy gift card, which would put me at $600 in rewards so far.  

So as it stands now, I'm about $600 away from having $10,000 in sales between April and August, and $5,600 away from having $15,000.

So if I break it down, I need to try my best to have at least $2,800 in sales in both July and August to meet my goal.  Normally, this would be fine because lately my sales have been around $3,000. However, the Summer months, especially July are really tough to get sales because everyone is away on vacation or they don't want to spend money since they are spending it at the beach.  So I'm trying a bunch of creative ways to earn my goal.

Here are my ideas to get more sales in July and August:

  • Have an online auction - Did this! Success!
  • Do another lotto game - the last one I did was successful, but time consuming.  But it gives me a $75 order and a lucky winner a great prize! - Thinking about doing this next week
  • Send out coupons to past hostesses/customers 
  • Reach out to my hostesses from last year to see if they want to host again - maybe offer them an incentive?
  • Email all of my customers with a daily deal calendar and be honest with them about what I'm trying to earn for my wedding - I did this yesterday and I've already gotten three responses! Yay!!
  • Try to focus on getting more online/catalog parties going if house parties aren't an option.
  • Have a fundraiser for my school PTA in August (I wouldn't get much commission for this, but I would get the personal volume credit which means it could still count towards my goal).  - I have already talked to my principal about this, and she seems on board! We shall see!
  • Reach out to my fellow direct sales friends and maybe do a swap? I host for them and they host for me? 

Anyways, as you can see, I am very motivated and determined! I just hope it pays off! If I end up with the best buy gift card for $600 that's totally fine because I can get a computer which I have needed for a long time.  And obviously, I'll still get the commissions which is going towards the wedding. But MAN! I really want that amex card! 

Do you have any ideas about how to get more parties this Summer? Maybe I could try and emphasize early holiday shopping!  Skip the store lines, and shop online with me! Hmmm....I'm on fire! :) Haha.


*Despite being a teacher and working with spelling and grammar on a daily basis, I cannot for the life of me spell business correctly on the first try! EVER! Ha. Old habits die hard, eh?


breedwoman said...

if any one can pull this off it's you! you're already doing an incredible job!

Jess said...

Thank you E! I appreciate your support! <3