Monday, May 27, 2013

Favorite Beauty Tips

My favorite beauty tips:

*If you use acne medication like I do, or just have dry skin, I’m sure you’re familiar with having your skin on your face get flaky.  Although the initial response is to just scratch of the little pieces of skin, I’ve found a better way! I read this somewhere and now do it all the time.  So you put a little bit of lotion (non-scented) on a washcloth and then use that to scrub gently on the part of your face that is flaky.  It takes off the pieces of skin that are flaking off, and puts moisture back into the skin at the same time! Because you’re basically exfoliating, it might be a little pink right after but it usually goes away within five minutes.

*I have really oily skin so I love using those oil-blotting sheets. But if you don’t have any nearby, the brown napkins that Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have work just as well! They blot away oil from your face without ruining your makeup! It’s easy! And you didn’t pay for them. Score!
*Always use eyeshadow primer! It makes a huge difference! Your eyeshadow lasts longer, it doesn’t crease, and the color looks way better.  When I first tried this, I used the too faced version but found that my eye lids were still oily.  Now I use the Urban Decay one (it’s called eyeshadow primer potion) and I absolutely love it.  I use it even when I don’t wear eyeshadow because it helps soak up any oil on my eyes so well, which helps keep eye liner smudging down to a minimum.
*Wash or clean your makeup brushes.  I know this might sound silly, but think about it…if you’re using those brushes to put makeup on skin with acne, bacteria, oil, and dirt on it, than you’re basically re-applying all of that onto your skin the next time you use them.  Since I’ve started cleaning my brushes, I’ve noticed a difference in the amount of acne I have.  I also notice a difference in how well the brush picks up powders.  I use a brush spray from Sephora that works really well.  I don’t do it every day, but maybe once every two weeks or so.  It’s really
easy and completely worth it.
*Drink a ton of water! The weeks that I’m really good with drinking water all day are the times when my skin looks the best!  Also changing the pillow cases often helps too.

*If you have hair that gets tangled a lot, try using Itsa10 with keratin.  This stuff works wonders! It makes your hair super soft, de-tangled, and less frizzy! I use it almost every day.
*If you ever run out of shaving cream and need something to shave with try using aloe vera gel (the kind that you use for sunburns) or conditioner.  They work just as well and leave your skin soft.  Just make sure you don’t shave right away.  Let the steam open up your pores a little bit first before shaving.  That will help prevent razor burn.
 What are your favorite beauty tips and tricks?


J Lynne said...

I started using oil free moisturizer before I go to bed as well as when I wake up (I used to do it only as a part of my morning routine.) I've noticed that my skin looks better now that I'm doing that! Reading your post makes me thing that I should really clean my makeup brushes...

Jess said...

Very nice! I used to do moisturizer too but even the oil free makes my skin oily in the morning! Glad it's working for you!