Friday, August 19, 2011

These boots are made for walking...and shopping

Ok so the other night I went looking for a one piece bathing suit.  I have been meaning to get back into swimming because I love it and it's a fun workout.  But I only have two piece bathing suits, and those don't work well when you're actually trying to swim.  So first I tried Ross, and they didn't have a single bathing suit out at all! I happened to pass by the shoe section and scored some really cute brown suede boots (on the left above) for 20 bucks! (And with no sales tax since it was no sales tax week!).  I have been looking for some cute brown boots! On the way out of the store, I remember thinking how funny it is that now all 3 pairs of boots that I own are suede...

This is ironic because after Ross I went to Target to look there (they didn't have anything for me as far as a good swimming suit went either) and found some cute brown leather-looking boots! (on the right above)  I almost didn't get them because I really don't need to be spending money on boots, but the Fall is coming sooner than I think, and I know that I will get a lot of use out of them for work and such.  So I got them. 

Can you blame me for being such a sucker?! They're so cute!

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