Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to Maryland

I have been a bit MIA from my blog recently, because I was at the beach for a little over a week with Dan.  While he was at work, I helped him out a little by doing some packing and getting some boxes for him.  I also did some classroom shopping at TAPS (Teacher and Parent Store - there's not one in MD) and got some fantastic polka dot decorations for my room that I'm super excited about.  I also had a fair amount of beach time, which also meant I got a lot of reading done. :)

Currently, I'm reading "Handle with Care" by Jodi Picoult.
It's about a young girl who has Osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a bone disease where her bones can break very easily.  It talks about her life and each chapter is told by a different chartacter's point of view.  So far, I like it a lot.  I've read some of Jodi's work before, and I think she's a great writer.  She is always very well researched on the subject at hand, and it's always very hard to put her books down, which I love.  It was definitely a great beach read.

So even though I went on antibiotics and finished them last Monday, all of my symptoms including coughing, sore throat, and swollen tonsils came back this past Saturday.  Awesome.  So I called my doctor and she prescribed a stronger antibiotic that I will be taking for a longer period.  Man, I hope it works this time!  I hate being sick! And especially during my favorite season!

The countdowns begin:
18 days left until I return to school to start getting my classroom ready.
22 days until I get to meet some of my students at the open house
25 days until the first day of school

I'm excited that I have a lot to look forward between now and then:
  • Hanging out with a friend from Florida around town this weekend and possible laser tagging! Woo!
  • Possibly signing a lease pretty soon with Dan
  • Jen's wedding next weekend (I'm a bridesmaid)
  • Happy Hour with my team from work next week
  • Sleeping in as much as possible
  • Hearing about Dan's first day at his new job!
  • Getting my hair done (I lovvvveeee doing that!)
  • Going to a wedding in New York for a family member of Dan's
I know that these next 18 days will probably go by much faster than I want them to, but I'm going to make the most out of them and enjoy my freedom while I can!

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