Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4 Eyes :)

My fun red glasses!
So a few weeks ago, I finally went to an eye doctor.  I have never been to one, unless you count the hearing/eye screening they do in fourth grade.

So luckily, it's really not bad at all.  I have Astigmatism in both eyes and a very slight nearsightedness in my right eye.  My eye doctor told me to just wear them when I need them and especially during night driving.  I've also found them really useful when I'm on the computer and when I watch movies at the theater or in a dark room.  So far, I have the pair I got from the office which is brown and then I also got these fun red glasses (it has a pink design on the sides) from Zenni Optical for super cheap.

I guess if I have to wear them sometimes, I might as well find some cute ones, right?

It still feels weird when I wear them and I think it'll take a while getting used to it.  But I know that it helps a lot, so it's worth it.

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