Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've had to have a lot of self conversations with myself about choosing the right things to's been hard!

Today at the mall I realllllllllly wanted a cheese steak but talked myself into a salad anyways. 

Yesterday at Rita's I wanted a gelati, but opted for the fat free slenderita soft-serve instead.

I find myself cheating more and more, even given my sometimes successful self-conversations.  I'm getting closer to running out of my points for Weight Watchers, and I haven't been working out as much.  I really don't have a reason, other than just lack of motivation.  I'm trying out a boot camp soon (I get a week free).  It's realllyyy early in the morning, but from what I hear it's totally worth it.  Maybe that's what will kick my butt into gear.  I haven't really gained more weight, but I haven't lost any more either, so I know I have to do more about it...

Ugh.  I remember the days where I could eat anything and just workout because I wanted to not because I had to.  I miss those days!

Anyways, I'm not giving up.  I plan on taking some classes next week at the gym, and hopefully that will help motivate me to not cheat as much with food too.

Tomorrow is my friend Jen's wedding.  I'm excited about.  It will be a looooonng day, but a great one.  I feel bad that it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  She wanted an outdoor ceremony so bad and even picked this venue with the outside setting in mind.  Maybe the rain will hold up a little bit for her.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

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