Monday, August 8, 2011

New Home!

So we finally found a home that we are definitely going to move into! It's a rental, it's in Columbia and it has (almost) all of the things that we were looking for:

*In Columbia
*Close to work for me
*Close to main roads for Dan
*2 bedrooms
*1.5 bathrooms
*Safe and friendly neighborhood

Extra Bonuses:
*The lady who is renting it to us is a teacher and favored us because I am one too!  She even went down in price by $100 a month! Woo!
*She pays Columbia taxes on the house, so we get a huge discount on the Columbia Association! This is awesome, because I'm already a member and love it, and now we can even go to the pools with the new membership.  Sweet!
*Walking distance to the mall...this could be dangerous for me!  (But it's still awesome!)

This is the front of the house :)
So our move in date is October 1st.  It's a little farther away than I wanted, but it'll be worth the wait! Plus, Dan will save a lot of money by staying with his parents for two months, which is great.

I'm so excited!! :)


Amy P. said...

Omg exciting!!! So happy that you guys are going to be living in the same city, with each other and in this CUTE place! :)

Jess said...

Thanks Amy!! :)