Monday, September 19, 2011

Why must I have such expensive taste?!

I am not someone to go right for expensive jewelry.  BUT I happen to LOVEEEEEEE a lot of the necklaces at Tiffany's right now, and it's frustrating how pricey they are!  Here's some background: necklaces are my thing and always have been; particularly a single pendant on a simple pendant.  Heart jewelry is especially my thing.  I also enjoy stuff that represents teaching too, like apples.

So you can imagine how much I have been swooning over all of these pieces of jewelry:

I know I already bought myself a chi for my birthday, but I may need to indulge in something shiny's soo tempting!


OZover said...

Block Tiffany's on your browser, silly!

Jess said...

why would I want to block it?! I love it!