Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a Pricey Season!

So here is where my money has been going/will be going:
  • Deposit for the new place
  • First month's rent up front
  • Stuff needed to move in - decoration items, some furniture, rugs, silverware, and other random things in the house
  • Paying off my car
  • Two trips to Philly 
  • Renter's Insurance
  • Materials to paint the bedroom
Plus add in all my regular bills!  Oh my goodness my poor, poor bank account!  I have been purposely saving up for this time, so it has been expected, but it's still pretty devastating! Ugh!

I still think about getting a second job all the time, but since I'm already tutoring and babysitting on the side of teaching, I'm not sure there's much time to do that unless I want to give up my weekends.  I'm not really sure I'm willing to do that.

I know it will all work out, and one day I'll actually be able to have a substantial savings account, but for right now I'll just revel in the fact that I am not in crazy debt despite the mass majority of people my age who are right now, and that I will have my car paid off.

Sometimes you just have to keep reminding yourself of the positives! :)


breedwoman said...

make Dan pay for it all, that's what men are for, right? j/k! we're here for ya if you need to come over for a free dinner!~ lol

Allie {And a tsp. of LIFE} said...

Bahahah I like Breedwoman's idea.

We felt VERY stressed when we moved as well, but once settled in, it was worth it :) And paid off cars are sooo fantastic.