Monday, September 5, 2011

Who is that girl?

Do you ever look at photos of yourself and just think "Ugh! That can't be me!" I just looked at my friend Jen's wedding album online from the photographer and that's definitely what I thought when I saw the pictures of me.  I was a bridesmaid, so I'm in a lot of photos, and honestly I'm only sort-of happy with maybe 2 of them (out of 100+ photos that I'm in).  YUCK!

This was my face when I saw those photos!  I think Queen Liz would agree!

My first thought is that I looked like a plus size model for bridesmaid dresses.  I literally had to double-take and make sure it was actually me.  I know that this will be more motivation for me, but I really hate seeing photos like that.  I hate knowing that Jen will have them of me forever!  And I hate thinking that I've let myself get to that point!  I was the queen of photos (both taking them and being in them) for such a long time, it's a weird feeling to not want to have your picture taken as much anymore.

Have you ever felt like that before?

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Allie {And a tsp. of LIFE} said...

Funny image to describe the feeling!!
I do it all the time, these days. From things like - Whoa, is that MY arm in the pictures?? To, looking down while i'm sitting on the couch and being like, Where'd that mysterious bulge come from?
In my mind, I'm still 16 and athetic-built.
Same things happens when i see a wrinkle or a grey hair.