Monday, May 9, 2011

The Waiting Game

My Must-Have-in-My-Life Check List:
Awesome boyfriend? Check.
Great Job? Check.
Great friends in close (enough) proximity? Check.
Family nearby? Check.
Awesome Boyfriend in close (enough) proximity? ...not yet.

So Dan has been trying so hard to get a job up here in Maryland, and hasn't heard much yet. (which I try to remind myself, it takes a while to land a government job, so it's not a bad thing). I feel myself getting so impatient with waiting...

I am so happy that the time where we will live together in the same house and same STATE (weeeee!!) is not a question of "if" now, but "when." However, waiting for that time and not having any control of where is starting to get to me!

I am a planner. I love having control and planning every last detail. It's one of the ways that I can keep my anxiety down. So you can only imagine how crazy my brain is right now, by thinking about where I will be in the next next month to six months of my life. I have no idea where I'll be living, if Dan will be in Maryland yet or not, and I have no idea what kind-of timeline I will have to get ready for such a big move.

He has literally applied ALL over the state, so I can't even start looking for rent pricing for one specific neighborhood, because I have no idea where he may get a job. Do you know how VASTLY different the rent is for towns in Maryland?! VERY. So there's no use in planning that. Also, I have to give my roomie (slash landlord-she owns the house) 2 months notice before I move out.

So I know that once he does find a job (which will be SO exciting for both of us) we will literally be on crunch time...We will be trying to find a place up here to live while he's still in VA, trying to move his stuff up here, moving my stuff to the new place, giving my roommate notice, breaking his lease, getting any other furniture/house stuff we need, purging stuff we have that we don't need, and taking care of all the other stresses of a big move.

So I think one of the reasons my brain is so impatient right now, is because I consider this time the calm before the storm. I am SO excited about moving and living together, but I am realistic and know that it will be a lot of work in a short amount of time. It's something that I really can't prepare for ahead of time and/or plan out, which DRIVES ME NUTS!

Annnnnnd to top it all off, two of my best friends just moved to B'more (which is great by the way because I love the city, but wouldn't want to live there personally so now I have a place to visit in the city all the time!). We went to IKEA tonight to help pick out some things for their new place. Umm, JEALOUS! I want to pick out cute lamps, soap dispensers, and book cases too! I flippin' love doing that kind-of stuff.

Ahhhh, patience. I have LOADS of patience... Helloooo, TEACHER here!

So some days, I'm good and I'm just happy and count my blessings...

Other days, I just want to start the apartment shopping and go to IKEA!

Today is one of those days.

I know it will come.* I just hope it will soon! :)

*that's what she said ;)

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