Monday, May 23, 2011

Consistency: Yes. Excuses: No!

So here's what I have learned lately:

  • I really need to try hard and stay consistent with my working out, otherwise it's almost as if I'm not doing anything. I can't expect to see results if I'm working out 4 times one week, and only once the next week.
  • No excuses! I can take a nap and I can relax a little bit. But if I do, I still need to go and workout after. If I have time to nap, I have time to workout.
  • Endorphins! I always feel really good after I workout, and I know that I'm doing the right thing so I try to keep that feeling in mind when I'm getting ready for the gym.
  • Music is a big motivator! Take tonight for example...despite the setback of my Ipod not being charged, I made a new playlist to workout too, and while I'm waiting for it to charge, I did some cleaning around here. I'm not using it as an excuse to not workout. Instead, I'm just waiting (somewhat patiently) and going to the gym afterwards. Luckily, I have a half day tomorrow because of a doctor's appointment. So I can stay up a bit later tonight.
  • When I take my vitamins I really do see a difference in both my results and energy level. I need to try and get past the yuckiness of them in the morning, because they do work!
  • Water is wonderful! I am trying to drink a ton more lately, and although it does make me go to the bathroom more (obviously) it's great for my bladder condition, and it also fills me up! I've heard that sometimes when our brain is telling us we're hungry, we're actually thirsty. I think this is true! I've tried it a couple times lately: when I am hungry in between meals, I'll drink a bottle of water first and then if I'm still hungry I'll grab something small. But more often than not, I'm not as hungry anymore.

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