Saturday, January 8, 2011

Turning My Day Around

This post will sound strange right after the one right below this which is all lovey about teaching...but oh well. It's my blog. I do what I want.

This is week has been the longest week all year! No joke! It has just dragged on! Yesterday I had an observation so the night before I was up late typing a 6 page paper describing every part of my lesson plan, information about the students I work with, etc. Then I find out we may have a delay on Friday. So I email my principal and give her alternate times to come and observe just in case...I was not about to do all that work for nothing and not get observed!

So despite the lack of snow (literally there was NOTHING on my car at all when I came outside Friday morning), we had a 2 hour delay. Great, more sleep! Just what I needed. Also more time to stress about my observation. OH and even though I shouldn't for another 2 months and I haven't skipped anything, I started my period yesterday as well. Throw in some cramps and a nasty headache, and my morning was not starting off so well!

I got to school, got some water and excedrin, got my stuff ready, and just took some deep breaths. The nice thing about observations is that there are only two options: satisfactory and not satisfactory. So I'm fine. It's still annerving nonetheless, but I try and remind myself of that fact to come my nerves a bit.

So the observation went really well, and I felt really great about it. :) After the observation, my day turned for the better :) The day was short thanks to the delay, and I got to pronounce the words for the Spelling Bee. Most people would shy away from that job, but I jumped towards it!! I am SOOO excited about it, being the big dork that I am! I asked about doing it months in advance (I had helped out for one of the practice days last year). So that made my day. I ended it with a fun going away party for a work friend at work and then a happy hour following it. Then I went and got my hair cut which is always great because I love it when people play with my hair.

After all that, I drove over to Docco's for a movie and champagne night which was a lot of fun.

It was nice that my day had started so awful and then turned around by the end of it. :)

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