Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They're baaaaaaaack

To-Do Lists: One of my FAVORITE things EVER and also one of the things that can make my anxiety skyrocket to unbelievable levels!

I stopped making to-do lists a long time ago, because they added to stress level. Instead of sticking with general to-dos, or just to-dos for one day, my lists would stretch for pages and pages and suddenly crossing things off didn't seem as exciting among the 50 other things I still had to accomplish. So with the advice of my therapist and some of my own common sense, I stopped making them.

Well, I'm in a better less-anxious place now, and I think that since I am more aware of the kind of listing that makes me more stressed, I am ready to list again. THANK GOD!

How much do I love listing? Here, let me LIST the ways...

*I love it so much that I enjoy picking different bullets to list with.
*I used to have an entire journal JUST for to-do lists.
*I always keep a regular pen or pencil near by for listing...but ALSO a colored pen to highlight important words or phrases
*I keep drawers full of notepads and post-its for just this sort of thing
*Every single year, for both my birthday and Christmas, I always ask for notepads and post-its. I can never have enough!

So excited! I've already made several, and have crossed off a few as well! Woo!

I don't know what it is...the organizing, the scheduling/time management, the thrill of crossing it off, or the use of bullets and colored ink...but it's all just so invigorating to me!

Go ahead, make fun of me! But hey, whatever makes me happy, right?

Right. :)

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