Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gotta keep on keepin' on...

So I found out that my grandmother passed two nights ago. This shouldn't have come as a huge shock, she's been battling with an umpteen amount of medical complications and problems for the past two years. I guess I've just been hoping and praying every day that she would at some point be on the mend back to recovery. I'm happy that she's at peace and no longer suffering, however I will really miss her. I feel awful for grandpa as well, because she was his rock. Hopefully we can convince him to move closer to us soon so that we can spend more time with him as we works through this tough time. Her service is this Friday and I'm thankful that school has bereavement leave that I can use for that day.

I'm trying my best to think positively and to just keep on going, but it's tough. Much to my surprise, I mustered enough strength to a second day of Shredding, despite my sore muscles from last night. I also ate pretty well today which I'm happy about. I have plans for a healthy-food filled tomorrow as well.

Good night all. If you're someone who prays, please keep my Gram and our family in your prayers. We will need it.

Miss you Gramma


Amy Pearce said...

So sorry to hear that :( Thinking about you & your family!

Jess said...

Thanks Amy!