Monday, August 30, 2010

Classroom After Photos

So there's no need for a lot of explanation for the following photos, they're pretty self-explanatory. They mostly include pictures that document my need for labeling and love for organization. :)



breedwoman said...

i can't decide if i want to be a teacher so i can do that too or if i just want to be in your class to enjoy all the cuteness! It looks awesome!

OZover said...

I love that you have all this VTech stuff but no Towson stuff!

Annnnnd that we're on your desk!

Annnnnd that in your fifth grade photo and your present day photo, you have on the same color shirt. I did a double-take. So cute!

Daniel (Author) said...

Good classroom. Maybe I can come in one day soon and visit and not tell anyone how many math classes i have taken