Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Living Day by Day

So starting the day with the question, "What will I do today?" is not usually a good thing for me, however recently I have been enjoying doing so.

With school starting soon, the past week or so has been less planned/busy than normal, and on purpose. I really wanted some do-nothing-relax time, and I got it! Although there are some times where I feel the need to be busy and break out some fresh to-do lists (I LOVE making new lists!), it's nice taking a breather once in a while.

So whenever the part of me that feels guilty that I'm not doing something with my time or being more productive, another part of me (the more fun, spontaneous part) just reminds me of the fact that in T minus 7 days I will be back in my classroom setting up, going to meetings, organizing, planning, and wishing I had time to just sit still.

So bring on the sleeping in, not planning each hour of the day, and going through the next 7 days as I please! **

**Sometimes, I just LOVE being a teacher. I shouldn't say sometimes, it's all the time. But there are times when I REALLLYYY love it...like now, during summer break when I'm innocently deciding whether or not I should go to the pool tomorrow, take a long nap, or just stay in and watch a movie while my non-teacher friends are at a 9 to 5 wishing they had my current freedom. (sorry guys!)


breedwoman said...

raising hand that i'm jealous! and love the new blog~

Jess said...

Thanks! :)

OZover said...