Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ooooohhh yeaaaa

I had a Georgetown Cupcake tonight for dessert! My roommate brought some home for dessert!! I tried the red velvet, the key lime, and pumpkin spice! (We cut them into thirds so we could try them all). Red Velvet was definitely my favorite!!

I didn't feel too guilty having these because I had just come back from a Zumba class (which supposedly burns 1,000 calories a class...which I totally believe, considering the sweaty mess I turn into every time).


JJ said...

Jess: It is not the cupcakes that drew me to this site. It's the classroom. I have been teaching a long time, and my wife even longer. Some teachers have it, and some don't. Your classroom is one I would have loved for my kids when they were growing up. You have a great attitude and spirit. You are already a success.

Amy Pearce said...

nommm, I had georgetown cupcakes for the first time like a month ago. I had red velvet, and chocolate coconut I think. So good!