Monday, August 23, 2010

To Tat....or Not to Tat

So I've been playing around with the idea of getting a tattoo...

What?!! Jessie Strunk getting a tattoo?! Crazy, I know.

But I'm just fascinated and really interested in it. I don't ever see myself as being someone to keep going and going, getting more and more tattoos.

If I get one, it would be just ONE.

It would also be very simple, something that I absolutely love, and most likely in the foot area (which I love the femininity of the foot area, plus it wouldn't be as obvious and out there/easy to cover up if need be)

Now, I have been one to always nay-say those who get tattoos simply for the art, and without meaning...however, I think I've had a change of heart! Now that I think about it, if it's something that I really love, then it does have meaning! It doesn't have to be something related to a person who has passed, a symbol for something, or someone's name for it to be special, right? It could just be something that you love and is special to you...I personally think that's meaning enough.

I'm still playing around with different options and haven't decided yet.

I do know that if I do end up doing this, when I walk into the parlor, I will be 110% positive of what I want and of the fact that I want it...there's no going back on these things! I guess that's the scary/exciting part of it...being permanent!


breedwoman said...

yes Chris and I really want to get one too! We just aren't sure of what! We should all go together!

Jess said...

That would be fun! :)