Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yay, Fun Meetings!

Tomorrow I am going to get our marriage licence and then I'm going to an event planning meeting with a coordinator at our venue.  It was SO exciting to take off work to do fun stuff for the wedding instead of something annoying like a doctor's visit.  Sweet! I'll take it!  And since you can only get your marriage licence in Baltimore County between 9am and 3pm, I didn't feel guilty taking off because my work hours go after that, so I just HAD to do it. ;)

Friday I'm meeting with my florists about the flowers.

Yesterday I finalized the menu with the venue and next week I'm talking to our NEW photographer (yes we got that mess squared away thank goodness) about the kinds of shots that we want for our pictures.

Work has been absolutely horrendous.  I hate that I've turned into one of those girls who talks wedding all the time, and I really do try and hold back with texting all of my girl friends and family members about every wedding excitement to make sure I don't annoy or bore the crap out of them (let's be honest, I'm easily excited about anything and everything anyways, so with the wedding it's even worse - heck, I'm excited about printing off the cute table numbers and crossing it off my to-do list!) Wow that was a run-on sentence! Oh well, my grammar hat is off for now.

My point is, that the wedding has been such a source of positivity and excitement for me this year with everything going on at work, that I guess it was inevitable that I turn into a big nerd every time someone asks about the small details of my wedding such as table cloth colors or wine bottle candles.  I'm honestly grateful to have it to escape to.  Last year when I was asked to interview for a different position, I turned it down because I really thought it would be too much to take on with wedding planning and my graduate classes.  Then still, I thought oh man I bet I'm going to hate doing all of the  wedding planning all the time, which will stress me out so much more.  I was wrong, and I'm glad that I was wrong.  It has honestly been a Godsend that I have had it to focus on during times where normally I would have fallen apart.*  I can't really talk about a lot of what's going on at work on a public forum such as this blog, but it's pretty stressful and ridiculous.  I am hoping and praying that my principal hear my plea to move to a different grade next year.  Send a prayer or thought out for me if you can!

*I have had my anxious moments and even anxiety attacks about the wedding, but they are nothing to the ones that I would have had about work...I also would have had way more attacks in general if the wedding wasn't a positive kind of stress.

So I wanted to find a cute photo or image of something that represents loving a great to-do list (even when it's boring to others) to end this post on a happy note.  Apparently that's hard to find.  BUT I did ironically find this awesome gem, that also has the name of a very good friend of mine/my bridesman.  Coincidence? I think not. I guess I was meant to find it and enjoy it! I hope you enjoy it too. (I may have censored part of it, but you get the idea).

This is fantastic.

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