Saturday, January 5, 2013

Early Morning Gym Workout

So I've decided to try and embrace early morning workouts, because my week nights are so packed as it is, and I simply don't have the energy to work out then.  

I treasure my morning sleep, but if I can get my workout done before even starting my day, I would feel much better about it instead of trying to force myself to go after a long day at school.

So on Wednesday night I got my bags packed with my shower stuff, my iphone arm case and headphones, my hair straightener and brush, deodorant, makeup, clothes for work, and a magazine to read if I end up on the bike.   

On Thursday morning, I woke up around 5 or so and kept making new alarms.  I finally got up around 5:40 and was at the gym around 6am.  I had a really good workout for about 45 minutes.  I showered and then when I went to get dressed I discovered that I missed something...


I forgot to pack a bra for my work day! 

I might have been able to pull off a bra-free day at work if I still had my high school body (I was an A or B in cup size) but NOT these days!  I am a D or DD and to top it off the sweater I chose for that day was paper thin! Oooohh and by the way, I work with fifth graders! Yeah, that's not going to fly at all! 

Luckily, I was working out at the gym right by my house, so I went back home and got one before going to to work.  

I had to leave the gym with my arms crossed over my chest, ha! 

Despite my lack of bra, I really do think I could do this a couple times a week.  I'm still not a fan of waking up early, but I loved having more energy during the day and also getting a good workout in right away.

Some things I need to remember for next time: 

  • Bring perfume
  • Bring old flip flops for the shower 
  • Bring combination lock so I can use a big locker instead of the small one with the key
  • Bring a plastic bag to keep my workout shoes in within my bag

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