Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It pays to be nice!

So two years ago I got in my first car accident, and shortly after someone ran their door into my door.  So I went to this car shop to get my car worked on twice within the same month or so.  The people at the car shop were so nice to me, and really took good car of my car.  They made sure to get it back to me sooner than later, and honestly I was just so happy to get it back looking so nice again!  So I sent them a thank you card, because that's just the kind-of person I am! lol.  I know it's silly sounding to send a body shop a thank you card thanking them for something that they do all the time.  But I really wanted to do it, so I did.  They called me when they got it, saying that it was so sweet and they were so surprised because no one has ever done that before.  :)

 Skip to now and my horrible car luck and I'm back at the same shop.  Why go anywhere else, when I know that they do great work and treat you fairly?  Well, not only did they remember me when I called (two years later!) but they still have my thank you card pinned to their wall! Yes, really!  

Two years ago I got a $100 discount because they were a "VIP" body shop under my insurance.  Apparently they didn't continue doing this with Ameriprise because they had to keep up with certain training/paperwork, blah blah.  So although I love this car shop, I was bummed I wouldn't get my $100 off like last time.

I talked to the guys at the shop about it (the two owners) and they said that they will definitely save me at least $100 off my deductible, if not more

Ooohhhh yeaa! It pays to be nice! So all I have to say to those nay-sayers who say thank you cards are not necessary is Ha!


I also got a discount off of the rental car place because they gave it to me when it was still damp in the driver seat (gross) and the cup holders were covered in pet hair.  So I called and complained and they are going to take a day off for me! 

My bad luck is starting to turn around!

Tomorrow I am dancing the thriller dance at my school's talent show.  Wish me luck! Lol.  Should be interesting...

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