Friday, October 28, 2011

Worst Week EVER

So last week had to be the worst week EVER for me.  On Thursday morning, I got into a car accident on the way to work.  I was literally a mile away from work.  A girl cut me off, and didn't put her blinker on until she was already getting over and so we collided.  Of course she said I hit her, but really she ran into me because she wasn't paying attention.  After we exchanged information and got back on our way, I get a call from my bank saying that there's fraud on my debit account. WTF?! Yep! Almost $2,000.  So they're cancelling my card.  All charges were caught except one (which thankfully was only 50 bucks) so as soon as that one shows up I'm just supposed to go to the bank to file paperwork and get it back. 

...wait it gets better...

On Sunday morning at 6am, I was on the way to the Breast Cancer walk in Hunt Valley, and on Brokenland Parkway a deer ran in front of my car.  Of course there aren't many street lights there so it was really dark out.  I didn't even see it until it was in front of me.  So I hit it, it hit my hood and then rolled off to my right side.  Thankfully it didn't touch my windshield.  I got out, looked at my horrific damage from the huge deer (it was really large!) and then balled my eyes out in my car before getting back on the road. 

So within 4 days, I was in two car accidents (both not my fault) and had fraud on my bank account.  Awesome.  To top it all off, my co-workers that it would "lighten the mood" to make jokes about hitting wildlife at lunch on Monday.  Yeah, so not funny.  It got to the point where on Tuesday I snapped at them and said "I don't really find the fact that I got into two accidents within the same week very funny so I'd appreciate it if you didn't make those kind of jokes."  I was NOT in the mood for it.  They got the hint. 

Photo #1:  Damage from the girl who cut me off.

Photo #2: Damage from the girl who cut me off AND now the deer damage.  Ugggghhh.

So now it's SUPER confusing with two different claims, trying to figure out how I will get the damage fixed, and who exactly is paying for it.  So annoying!

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