Sunday, November 27, 2011

Made My Day

So the car situation turned out way better than I thought it would.  Because of a wet driver's seat and pet hair all over, the rental place ended up not only paying for one of my days like they told me they would, but actually ended up paying for all 11 days! Woo!  I went from going to have to pay $154 to nothing! Yesss!

...and it gets better!

The body shop was able to take my deductible from the insurance checks, so I didn't owe them anything either! AND on top of that, when he did his math, he found out he actually OWED ME 10 bucks! Wait a sec, I get paid 10 bucks to get my car fixed from two accidents! Um, OK!

So needless to say I was in a fantastic mood the rest of that day.  My bank account is still in a great mood too :)

I did some mad Black Friday shopping (from midnight-8am and then again from 3-7pm) and got just about all of my Xmas shopping done.  So I used the money I was going to use for the rental/deductible and paid off my Xmas credit card debt.  Woo! 

Tomorrow I go back to school after a 5 day break.  I'm not even totally dreading it, because it was so nice to have a couple days to recharge that I'm ok with going back.

Now I'm off to a brunch with my best friends, and then we're going to make cookies all afternoon!  Best week ever! :)

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