Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today is the day!

I'm taking my car into the shop today, finally!  I'm also getting a rental car.  The fact that I will be spending a ton of money with my deductible as well as the cost of a rental car for about a week is in the back of my mind only because I'm just so anxious for my car to be fixed already!

I took a half day to get this done, and I'm hoping that I will have some leisurely break time between doing the car stuff and going back to school, just so I don't feel like I took the time to make sub plans just to be super busy and not have time to relax a bit.  We shall see.

Thursday night is the Talent show.  Originally I was going to do a staff act like I did last year, but a lot of people dropped out and it just didn't work.  So now I'm doing an act with a bunch of kids and our music teacher...Thriller by Michael Jackson.  Oh yeaaah.  I'm trying my best to practice non-stop but it's hard finding the time.  Pray that I don't embarrass myself onstage!

Anyways, have a terrific Tuesday!

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