Monday, July 11, 2011

Jen's Bachelorette Party

Jen's Bachelorette Party - Dewey Beach - July 9, 2011
Here are 2 of the posters that I made for one of the hotel rooms :)
Being Silly!
Ladies in Pink!
Team Minowitz
Team Va-geniuses
We love Jen!
A Whole Lotta Pink Going on that night!
So our next door hotel neighbor is the wife of a guy we went to high school.  Small world!!  

So it was a really fun day!  We had some beach time during the afternoon before we got ready for the night.  We played "Jen-pardy" in our rooms for a while and pre-gamed and then went out to the Rusty Rudder for the night.  There was an awesome cover band called Kristen and the Noise and they were AWESOME!  It pretty much made our night.  They sang great songs that everyone could sing along to, including some Third Eyed Blind, Sublime, Bruno Mars, etc.  After the bar, we went to a place to eat because our Bride to Be insisted on getting some french fries, her go-to food while drinking (no wonder we've gotten along all these years!)

I had a blast!  Now I'm torn!  I love the easy-goingness and relaxation of Beth's bachelorette (staying in a cabin in an out of the way town, going shopping, eating lunch, going in the hottub, watching movies with good friends) and I also love the singing and dancing part of Jen's!  What the heck will I do whenever I get hitched?  I wonder how I could mix those...singing and dancing on the couch while watching a movie?? lol. 

I don't really like the idea behind a bachelorette party, meaning the whole idea of you have to live it up and go crazy because your singlehood is dying.  I also don't prefer the idea of darebooks or getting the bride-to-be to do stupid flirting with other men things either.  I do however, like the idea of just having a fun girls night out.  Although...I've always liked the idea of a joint bachelor/bachelorette party too.  The idea of marriage is why not be together while having fun?   Who knows! We shall see, I have a while to decide considering I'm not even engaged yet.

What do you think makes a great bachelorette party?

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Erin said...

doing all your favorite things! At mine i had a BoJangles lingerie breakfast party. A tailgate. then a limo ride to a piano bar and a country bar. It was perfect! Just go with what YOU want to do!