Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Teachers Need a Summer Break

Yesterday was our Simulated Congressional Hearing ALL. DAY. LONG. Exhausting! Our state senator, Jim Robey was there, as well as some other members of MD government that judged our students' speeches and knowledge of American government.

Today, everyone was flat out pooped! The kids, the teachers, everyone...

So here's how today went:
*We started off the day with an hour and 15 minute long staff meeting early this morning before the kids got there
*During this meeting, we learned/were reminded that report cards are due next Thursday, even though we have the kids until the 22nd, and we JUST freaking did progress reports. There goes my weekend.
*We listened to the whining, groaning, and moaning of kids who just don't really want to be there (nothing too far from the normal every day though)
*I had at least 2 students shed tears today
*I had 6 students who needed to stay in for recess today during my lunch break because they couldn't get their behavior on track and basically they were pissing me off
*Despite the easiness of health today (I literally came up with that lesson plan a few minutes before we started) some students STILL wouldn't stop talking and just do their work
*I was screamed at, while only standing a few inches from a student
*The same student tried several times to rip a paper out of my hands, while screaming
*Then, I got a chair thrown at me from across the room.
*During dismissal, I had to keep an eye on the kids in the pod playing kooshball...making sure they're not being too rough, while also watching the other kids in my class, as they run around the room touching and prodding each other (a game of tag?) even though I have asked numerous times for them to stop.
*During this, I have at least 3 students come up to me to complain that the other one is saying things, and continue to argue and tattle on one another in front of me...voices getting louder and louder
*We walk down the hall for dismissal, and even though we have been practicing "Straight, silent, single" lines in the hallways, they STILL need reminders on the 170th day of school. GOOD GOD, just BE QUIET
*As I walk down back to my classroom after fist-bumping my students (that's how we say goodbye) I am literally emotionally, physically, and mentally DRAINED.

And we have 14 more school days of this left. It can't come soon enough.

Have you ever heard someone say "Man, I so want to be a teacher! They have it easy- done at 3:30 and you have summers off!" I HATE those people. I don't think there is a single day where my job is "EASY" or a single day where I actually leave the building at the end of the school day. There's too much to do. It's a very stressful, trying, and busy job and thank goodness for summer break! We need it just as much as the kids need it.

I know that I'm saying this, while knowing that I'm teaching Summer school mere days after this school year ends, but at least it will be with a new set of kids, at a different location, and I'll be done at noon. Yesssssss

Ok, I'm going to go pass out now...

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