Monday, June 6, 2011

Surprisingly, not a case of the Mondays*

Apparently I was in the mood to workout today!

*This morning at 7:15am I turned on exercise tv and did "AM Standing Abs" for 10 minutes before getting ready for work.

*After work, I took an hour long class at the gym called "Half and Half" where half of the class was cardio-dance and half was working out with weights (mostly arms, but also thighs and abs).

*Then, after the hour long class I decided that I still had energy so I should use it and spent 20 minutes on the cybex arc trainer machine!

I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I like it!! hopefully I can stick with this motivation and energy and lose these pounds faster than I had hoped!

This week is super exciting and stressful all rolled up into one!

Monday: (today) My last observation was today! Woohoo!! It really well, and after this I will be tenured! Finally! I stayed at work until 6 today doing work, and then of course worked out. Oh, and it was the first day of Family Life today at school. LOL. I love teaching that unit! It always provides wonderful entertainment for us teachers!

Tuesday: School, work out, run errands, dinner, pick up roomie from airport

Wednesday: School-Family Life day #2, workout, Babysit until 9:30

Thursday: School, work on Report cards- due on Friday, Family Life day #3, (no work out-break day), meet up with other bridesmaids and Beth to get nails done for the wedding! :)

Friday: NO SCHOOL! I'm off to help Beth :) Help Beth all morning/afternoon, go home and get ready for the rehearsal, go back to Beth's for rehearsal. Meet up with Dan and everyone else for the dinner. :)

Saturday: THE BIG DAY! I can't wait, I love weddings, and I love that it's a very close best friend of mine! I am so excited for both of them and can't wait to experience such a special day with them! And of course, Dan will be home too so double excitement! :)

Sunday: Relax day! Finally :)

Have a good week everyone!

*I flippin love Office Space

P.S. I have been updating my 30 day photo challenge :)

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