Monday, June 27, 2011

Why even make appointments?

What the heck is the point of making an appointment with a doctor if you're going to wait for over an hour to see them anyways?!

I had a 3:00pm Gyn appt. today and here's how it went:

2:35pm I got to the office early. (I was told to be there at 2:45pm).
3:15pm After being there for over 35 minutes without even being told it should be soon, I ask the front desk if I'll be seen soon, and she says yes, should be soon.
3:25pm I am finally called back to take measurements and to go to the room to get dressed.
3:35pm I get dressed...and by that I mean undressed and then cover up with the paper vest and paper blanket to drape over myself...hoping that none of it will break before the doctor comes in.
3:45pm The doctor finally comes in

What is the point of scheduling a 3pm appointment (where I'm told to be there at 2:45 anyways) when I don't actually see the doctor until 45 minutes after my scheduled time. It's BULL****!

Especially considering the fact that if there is ever a doctor's appointment that I want to get in and get out, it's the gynecologist! Get me OUTTA there!

Can I get an Amen??

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