Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling Good

*Me, age 3ish, Being Silly

So I have been working out a fair amount lately, which I'm excited about. I can feel myself getting back into it. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I did fit a tiny bit better into some work pants this morning which was exciting. I HATE that tight against my waist feeling with pants that are not fitting well. I didn't have it this morning, which was a great way to start off my day! Speaking of which, it's time reality set in. I still have jeans and pants in my closet that are from a looooooooong time ago that don't fit. I know that I'm working out and trying to eat better and all, but will I lose a ton of weight right away? Nope. And in the meantime, I hate fishing through all the pants I can't really wear to find the ones that fit/the ones that sorta fit and I can deal with for today. So after I finish typing this, I'm trying them all one, and getting rid of the ones that I have no hope for, unless I plan on fasting for the next couple weeks. I will make a few exceptions for the pants that mostly fit, but are just a tad tight. But the ones that I can't get past my hips to then try and lie on the floor to zip up....GONE!

Also something I'm trying...going straight to the gym from work. I make my workout bag the night before, and I have so much more motivation then! I also want to make a spare bag to just keep in my car all the time, so that I literally have no excuse when I'm out and about.

Ok, side note, holy crap! How the heck did I not realize just how good I had it in highschool? I know that seems out of left field, but I was just going through my "Me" pictures folder (yea, yea....I have a me folder that I use for profile pics, etc.) to find a picture for the beginning of this post, and found a ton of super skinny pictures. Ugh! I never thought I'd be a girl to later say I wish I had my highschool body, but DAMN! I kinda do....Ok no I don't. Not entirely. I love my curves, my girls, and my bum...but I do miss the overall fit-ness that I had!

Exhibit A: Um, can we say stick figure! Not fair!
Exhibit B, and so forth....

In this one I'm skinny AND I have a bum! I knew it was there!
Not the best group shot, I guess we weren't ready girls**? But goodness! I remember when my mid-drift was out a lot in highschool and it didn't matter at all to me. And by the way, do you like our homemade shirts? HOTT!
This picture below was actually taken (by me obviously, ha) in the beginning of college. Man I look healthy here! Not too skinny, and not too curvy. Although my girls are waaaay different now! I totally just made you look at my boobs there, didn't I? ha! :)

This has always been my favorite abs picture! This was the day of my highschool graduation. Look I have ab lines! Man I miss those! And skinny arms!

Ok, I'm done. Going to go workout now! Motivation at its best!
*If this is any indication, just in case you were wondering, I just know I'm going to have cute kids! Look how gosh darn cute I am!
**DW and B-Hope you loved that little throwback! Ha! What an awful picture of us!


Bethany said...

That's a PAINFUL picture of us, but we do look damn good. I threw those jeans away loonnnng ago.

You were too sticky in the first one, and your 'girls' are bangin' now, but I think it's great that you're disciplining yourself by going to the gym right after work. Great idea.

(I hate when I get the actual button imprint on my stomach after wearing tight pants. Whoops, was I not supposed to admit to that happening? Ha!)

Jess said...

Oh, me too!! Especially when you're in denial all day about it in the first place, and then you have actual proof at the end of the day. Aggh!